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Tragedy To Triumph

Gabrielle White is an outgoing and vivacious young woman looking to solidify her spot in the world. However on June 10, 2002, the dream was almost cut short. On this day she was involved in a horrendous automotive accident. She defied the odds and overcame her adversity; from not walking to dancing, from not talking to singing, from wires and tubes to brushes and make-up crews, and tragedy to triumph! After recovering her outlook on life was changed forever. She seized her opportunities and hit the ground running, and she now has the single You'll Single Be One in rotation at a radio station near you. Gabrielle has just wrapped her first mixtape The Gift of Gab, which is available on for free. So take some time to download and vibe to the sensual sounds of Gabrielle White!

Recently, you have released The Gift of Gab mixtape and you are now working on another. What else is happening in the life of Gabrielle White?

The Gift of Gab mixtape was my first project that allowed me to solely focus on me and showcase my talents as a recording artist and songwriter. It opened up many doors for me and I am excited to see my story unfolding. In the works is a movie soundtrack, major collaborations, and some television… definitely stay tuned!!

Your story is inspiring, after a horrific and near fatal automotive accident you recovered to pursue your dreams. How does it feel to have come so close to death, and now start living the life of your dreams? 


I feel more alive now than ever before. My appreciation for life, and my attitude toward man-kind, has changed drastically. I consider myself blessed to be here and I devote a lot of my time to motivating those around me. I pursue music for the chance to inspire others on a larger scale. My attitude now is that you live once, so it’s imperative you make the most of it.   


How have the events of your life inspired you to move forward? 

No matter what, I don’t give up and I don’t believe in set backs. I believe there is no such thing as set backs. Sometimes you must take a step back in order to spring forward. I have experienced things I would never wish on anyone and I don’t take for granted that I am still here. That’s what keeps me going. You should never give up on yourself. 


When did you know that you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Believe it or not, I am actually part of that one percent of singers that didn’t want to be a singer since I was born. (laughs) It was a hobby for me. I always enjoyed singing as part of the church choir, at school plays, and family functions. I decided on pursuing it as a career when I saw how powerful music was and the role it played in helping me overcome a very difficult time in my life.   


You're a talented musician and not only vocally, what sparked your interest in the violin?

The violin was my mom’s idea. I wanted to play the drums and she didn’t want to hear it. Definitely don’t regret it. I love classical music and opera now. Pachebel’s Cannon in D is one of my favorite songs to play.  


The Gift of Gab is a great work of art, with money good selections. With whom are you currently signed? 

Currently I am an unsigned. My team is very supportive in helping me to develop myself as an artist and I am always challenging myself to outdo what I have already done.


As a singer/songwriter you pose a double threat to the industry. How has this helped while in contract negotiations?

It makes it more fun and exciting for everyone involved. The simple thought of my capabilities now, based on my resources, and the potential that is there which has not yet been tapped into… it’s exciting for everyone involved. It’s history in the making. Just be prepared. I can’t let all the secrets out now it ruins the element of surprise… (smiles) 


Being as you are a skilled violinist, whats the chances of seeing you with Miri Ben Ari?

That’d be cool. She is so awesomely talented it’s amazing. I’d love to work with her.  


There are lots of prolific artists, producers, and songwriters. Who in the industry do you look forward to working with? 

I am pretty much open to working with everyone because there is just so much talent out there. I could never list them all. I have so many people I admire and look up too. I will say there is one person that I would absolutely love to get a chance to meet and work with, and that’s Stevie Wonder. What he has done despite all odds is truly amazing and a gift to music.


It seems that you are constantly in the studio recording and working. How often are you actually in studio recording and writing? Also, how many records would you say you have stashed away? 


Writing is something I do all the time. I used to jot ideas down on napkins and gum wrappers if that was the only thing available. Now my BlackBerry allows me to write lyrics, and record voice notes, and email them to myself for safekeeping. I love it!! As far as how many records I have stashed... Let’s just say I want to be the 50 Cent of R&B. I watched an early interview of him and he said Jay [Jay-Z] told him never stop making hits. When everyone else is hooked on that single, keep making records nonstop!! So that’s what I do.


You are taking over the internet, and you interact with those that befriend or follow you. In what ways has the internet helped expand your career and fan base? How important is it as an artist or someone in the public eye to have a presence on the web? 

Well the #1 social media site right now is Twitter. If you’re not on Twitter you need to get on it and follow me ( I love Twitter because it doesn’t have all the spam that Myspace does and it allows me to interact with my fans personally and get to see what’s going on in their lives as well. People have mixed opinions on it. Just imagine Twitter as live conversation on a NYC train. You can hear everything and your average Joe is seated right next too Jane the executive. It’s great. Some people choose to act Hollywood, some people push products…I don’t judge. What’s most important to me is Twitter has given me a chance to become like family with my supporters. They’re no longer followers, or fans, they’re family and they go through almost everything with me and get a chance to feel closer to me as a person as well as an artist.


The internet has changed the way people get access to music. This has helped the indie labels as well as major labels, and perhaps the rewards goes to the fans and artists. What are thoughts on the digital music output options and how they instantly connect the product to the consumer? Also, how does it help gain feedback on new projects? 

The digital market allows you to reach a wide audience faster than you ever could, in more creative ways. It also helps to get feedback on records for when you want to decide on the next single to put out.  


Low records sales and "bootlegging" are plaguing the industry. It is more important to create solid, quality music now more than ever and touring or showmanship has become very important. Sales and revenue are increasing when artist start touring. In what ways has this effected your strategy? 

“Bootlegging” isn’t a new phenomenon though. My friends and I used to record our fave songs off the radio by recording them to cassette. I think going digital just made things easier. I don’t condone it, I’m not entirely mad over it… because on one hand my number one fan might bootleg a song and convert all their friends to my music. Its inspired me to find more creative ways to reach out to my target audience and profit. Being an artist isn’t just about making creative works anymore. You’ve got to be an entrepreneur, and flexible—to work with the times. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.  

Many artists have interests outside of the realm of music. What else do you plan on pursuing or have you started pursuing opportunities in other industries?

When I set out to do something, I pursue it with fierce passion. I put my all into it. I’m looking forward to having my own non-profit organization and being able to give back and inspire others. Television, movies, literature… I look forward to Gabrielle White becoming a household name, and brand you can rely on even in these times of uncertainty.


If you weren't pursuing music, then what would be your occupation? 

It’d most definitely have something to do with public speaking and helping others… more than likely I’d be in the healthcare field. I love working with people and helping kids.


What words of encouragement and wisdom can you impart upon those pursuant of their dreams?

You have to be your #1 investor and your #1 fan. No one will back you if they don’t even see you believing in yourself. Time is money, and if you put the time into yourself people will follow suit and make sacrifices for you as well. Always remember dreaming is the easy part. To wake up and face hard work everyday and actually make your dream a reality is what matters most. I think what makes or breaks us is that one time we don’t give up. Never quit on yourself. 

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