Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mega City's Finest

You're one of the sensations from across the northern border that is making some noise down here in the Southern U.S. Would you tell us a little about you and where you're from?

I'm from Toronto, Canada. I was born and raised in the east end of the city in Scarborough. My first record to really take off internationally was I BANG with Remo Da Rapstar, it was on over 150 different mixtapes and spun in high rotation on several stations including Shade 45. Since then I’ve been putting out music consistently, just trying to make a name for myself.

When did you first know that you wanted to pursue a career in Music?

The last time I got out jail. I spent a good portion of my late teens in and out jail. I knew if I stayed on the negative path I was on I would probably spend the rest of my life in jail or dead. I’ve always been passionate about music and I decided it was time for me to make a career out of it.


Many Hip-Hop artists often venture into other areas, are you looking at expanding into producing, label owner, clothier, or even acting?

I want to do everything. I'm a pretty creative person I have a lot of ideas. I’ll probably end up venturing into the television/film industry, if not with acting probably with writing.  I'm very observant of my surroundings, and I’m constantly finding myself witnessing the funniest situations, so writing comedy just comes naturally to me.

 A lot of cities have virtually unknown Hip-Hop scenes, however very few people think about Canada and Hip-Hop. Even though this year it looks like Toronto could take the world by storm. What are your thoughts on the Hip-Hop scene in Toronto, and its ability to influence the American scene?


Toronto is definitely on the come up. Last summer Kardinal had tremendous success. He had a giant billboard with smash with Akon. This summer Drake has the industry on smash. His situation with Wayne is a beautiful thing, he’s constantly letting it be known that he’s from Toronto which is great. The pressure is definitely on Toronto right now, Drake has set the bar real high and the world watching to see what we have to offer next.

Some other artists from your area have crews behind them i.e. Kardinal Offishall has TDOT and Drake has ATF. Do you currently have a crew of producers or rappers waiting in the wings?

Of course. The Count Money Cartel (CMC) is loaded with talented individuals from across Toronto. From a music standpoint we got rappers, including: Bambi Bugatti and Knoxx Hoffa. We also got my lead engineer Sunny Diamonds, my photographer David Wilder. My team is loaded with talented producers as well; I’m managed by the biggest producer management company in the game, The Trafficker Management. Our production team consists of Mega Man, Y-Not, Soundsmith, Boi-1da to list a few.

Different areas have different slang, vernacular, or lingo. Most notable is the Bay Area. Will you put us on some of the Toronto slang game?

Strong Back: a girl with a fat ass.

Wah Pop: how’s it going

Dun kno: you know what I’m saying

Seen: yes/ok

I am quite sure that you've heard all the talk about Hip-Hop being dead or struggling just to breathe. What are you're thoughts on that,  and are you going to be the one to provide the much needed kick to put it back on track?

Hip hop is not dead and will never die.  Record sales are down on a whole. No release in all of music during the first quarter of 2009 went platinum in that time period. We can’t judge the health of HipHop on record sales. Hip Hop is alive and thriving as a culture. From a fiscal standpoint, Eminem’s got his album dropping this spring, that’s going to revitalize record sales for the first time since Lil Wayne’s album dropped.

Personally, I’m always trying to push life into hip hop. Every time I write a record or chose a beat, I always ask myself “has this been done before?” What I’m trying to do with music is express myself creatively in an innovative way that hasn’t been done before. With any art-form in order to have progression and in order to move forward you got to have innovation and originality.

You are dropping tracks like Nadya
Suleman is pumping out children. At this point are you currently signed or in the works of closing a deal?

I’ve had a lot of offers recently, but getting signed doesn’t make you a star. I’m trying to put myself in a situation where the demand is so high for my music that a record deal makes sense. As of right now, a record deal doesn’t make sense for me, I'm still getting my music out to the world and making a name for myself. I’ve got a tremendous team surrounding me, allowing me to advance independently. Hopefully after I drop this next project I’m working on, containing all original production, my buzz will be high enough that I’ll feel comfortable signing on to a major label.

Since you seem to post new links to songs on the daily basis, how often are you in the studio?


I record probably twice a week a couple hours a session. A lot of rappers go to the studio to hang out and have fun. I enjoy recording, but I treat it like work, I go in and try to record quality over quantity. I try to keep my time in the studio as efficient as possible. Oh yeah, shouts out to Sunny Diamonds, Diamond Factory Studios, if you’re in Toronto it’s the best place to record.

What is in store for the upcoming year any tours, albums, or mixtapes?

You’re going to be hearing a lot from me. I have been doing a lot of features for artists. There are a couple mixtape projects dropping, I'm going to continue my SAMPLE ME series, Volume 2 is pretty much finished, hosted by homie Boodoo, Infamous Soundcrew.  I’m also recording an album, its all original production. It’s untitled as of right now, I’m trying to have it ready for this summer. It’s a very conceptual album, I’m having a lot of fun recording it and the production on it is incredible. I feel like I got the greatest producers, I’m experimenting with new sounds, it’s a real personal project and I can’t wait to release it.

For those that don't know you, what mixtape, album, or song would you say best embodies you as an artist?


Nothing that has been released yet, truly embodies my creative capabilities as an artist.  

What major artists and producers have you worked with and will there be any future collaborations with anymore?

Most notably I’ve done a few records with Drake. Production wise I’ve worked with Megaman and Boi-1Da, they’ve produced for G-Unit, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne etc. On my upcoming album I have a few crazy features.

What artists and producers do you want to work with both locally and nationally?

Locally I feel that I have already had the opportunity to work with most of the people that I’d want to. Internationally, there’s a lot of artists that I’d want to collaborate with. I’d have to say I’d want to work with Keri Hilson, she’s an amazing talent. There’s also a lot of artists outside of the hiphop genre who I’d hope to work with in the future.

From a production standpoint, I have been very fortunate to be part of The Trafficker Management. Our whole movement has tremendously talented and contains established producers including Mega Man, Y-Not & Soundsmith, Boi-1Da, Zalezy etc.

Internationally, from a production standpoint I’d want to work with Danja/Timbo, Kanye and Dr. Dre.

There are many legends in the game, of those who is your Top five dead or alive MC's?

I grew up listening to Big  L, Rakim, Ghostface, Nas, Kool G Rap. Those are the artists that have influenced me the most.

If someone wanted to feature with you or request you for a show, how would they get in touch with you?

Send me a message a on facebook, twitter or myspace and I’ll forward you my contacts for my management team.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Artists

Check these guys out. If you like music you'll love there guys! Real musicians and artists. Both are Songwriters and producers. Interviews coming soon!


Mann-Foreal Tho -

Mann-No Techno -

Mann-Congos & Maracas -

Mann-Crush -

Lil Buddy-She Got Me Feat. Phil -

Lil Buddy-I'm Fly -

Friday, May 8, 2009

Check The Teknik

Dj Teknikz, you are one of the deejays putting on for the south in a major way. How did you get started in the industry and how long have you been on the scene?

Industry wise i got started by simply following my dream. I had been dj'n for a couple years before that, but in 2004 I decided to get serious and make it a career. I jumped out there and started doing my thing and slowly but surely God blessed me enough to grow in it.

Many deejays work closely with either one label or an artist. Are you currently affiliated with any labels or artists?

I work closely with alot of artists and labels, but I don't attach myself exclusively to one label. I tried that before and realized it wasnt what I was looking for. In my opinion you're limiting yourself if you line up with just one label. I feel as a dj I'm here to serve all labels and artists collectively.

The Dj is a quintessential part of all music be it Rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, Metal, or whatever. You guys break records/artists, mix, scratch, beat match, and entertain. You are also one of the driving forces of music and the industry. What would you say is a deejay's job or purpose?

I think that all depends on what role you play as a Dj. With that said, speaking for myself as a dj who is mostly known for mixtapes my duty is to break artists & hot music first! My job is to provide a platform for (most importantly) new upcoming acts to stand on so they can be heard, discovered etc. etc.

You have put out some big mixtapes such as; the "Georgia Muscle," "Rookie of the Year," and most notably both the "If You Buyin We Sellin," and "Executive RnB" series. How important is it as a Dj to brand yourself and your work?

Branding is essential in anything you do. The life of a brand is way longer and stronger than just let's say a popular name. Branding yourself assures longevity and stability in whatever it is you do. For example look at the Coca Cola brand, they are not the only soda company but everytime you think soda first thing that comes to mind is what?

Mixtapes are a way for both artists and consumers to "test the waters," how significant are mixtapes to the industry?

When it comes to hip hop mixtapes are the foundation nuff said! No questions , no comma, no nothing... next question? (laughs)

When can we, the fans and purveyors of music, expect to get a another Teknikz mixtape?

S**t tommorow! I stay working and I stay putting out produc... that's my formula.

Deejays are now looked at as stars in their on right. How important is for a Dj to be revered and/or remembered?

Funny thing about this question is if you go back in history the dj was the star and the rapper was the back up! (laughs) Funny how history repeats itself huh?

You as well as many other artists and deejays are taking over the internet and social networks. How important is it to have a presence on the web, and how has it helped your career?

The internet is very very powerful! It is the new marketing and promotion tool FOR FREE! Half of the sites and blogs I'm on I don't even know who runs them, but I damn sure appreciate them for having me up there! The internet let's you reach audiences that you would never touch before. It has its cons too, but used in the right way it can catapult and even create careers.

In the game now, there are lots of the "playlist" deejays that do not understand the craft. What advice would you give them, and how can they get the skills necessary to advance their careers and earn respect?

NONE! (laughs) we all can't be chiefs I geuss we need some indians. Once a playlist dj always a playlist dj!

The Core Dj Retreat just ended in Atlanta at the W Hotel, this is regarded at as a great networking and learning opportunity. Were you in attendance and how important are these type of events?

Yes I was in attendance. They are great places to meet people and rub shoulders with your peers, and build relationships you know? Shouts to the core dj's!

There has been a lot of talk this "Death" of Hip-Hop. Did Hip-Hop ever die and if so would the present be considered as the Renaissance?

If hiphop was dead we wouldn't be having this conversaton. Look at the people who are saying its dead? It's probably time for them to do something else or worry about something else. The youth keep hip hop alive. Hip hop stays evolving and that's what's going on right now. If you can't keep up well maybe its time to tune in to your local jazz station.

Southern artists have long been underrated or even ignored, even though the south has some of the hottest and most consistent artists. For instance; OutKast, Goodie Mob, UGK, 8ball & MJG, the legendary Scarface, and many more. What are your thoughts on the southern Hip-Hop scene now versus the past?

I think southern hip hop has not yet reached its full potential. Take just Atlanta for instance so many new stars come out every year! Southern hip hop is one of the purest forms of hip hop left today. Everyone does them from dance, to dope boys, to gangstas, to lyricists, you can find them in the south.

You are a well read individual, what is your educational background, and how has it affected your career?

I stopped at college. Somewhere in my sophomore year. (laughs) Education is important in whatever you do. As far as my career is concerned I'd say it has helped me in the communication realm, but for the most part my drive comes from my ambition and chasing the dream.

Being as you have an affinity for reading, what are some must reads in your opinion?

For me its Daymond John - "Display of Power." The story of how he built his empire is mind blowing and I can definately relate!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Grand Design

Becky "The Great" Russell

Becky Russell, has come a long way from the little girl that was drawing ball and fantasy princess gowns. She is now a custom designer and force to be reckoned with. More than likely someone in your cd changer has rocked one of her designs. She has worked with artists from Anthony Hamilton to Young Buck, All-Star to Nokio, and athletes from Dante Culpepper to Roman Oben. This dedicated and extremely talented young woman will surely be on a runway during fashion week in a city near you soon.  B. The Great Exclusive Designs is the hottest and most interesting apparel since Miskeen launched thier hand-painted origianls. It has already won one SEA (Southern Entertainment Award). Stay tuned and lock in early; in the word of Diddy, "Let's Go People!"



Hip-Hop and fashion seem go hand-in-hand; many artists have parlayed their music success into prominent clothing lines. Would you like to launch your own line, or work as head designer of an established brand? However, you could be like Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton) and Tom Ford (formerly of Gucci/YSL Yves Saint Laurent), and have your own line while being the creative director over another company.


I am currently working on an EXCLUSIVE line of graphic T's. There will only be 10-15 of each design. I don't want to overpopulate my line, the easier it is to get, the less of a demand there is for it. I actually just applied for a position at an up and coming clothing company. I would love the opportunity to work under a company to gain experience. I think I have alot to bring to the table, and at the same time, I will come up with new and more innovative ideas for my own line.


Many people feel that there is no "American” fashion. Would you agree with this statement? If not could give some examples of “American” fashion?


To be completely honest- I think fashion is fashion. Other countries are influenced by our style as well as we as Americans are also influenced by them. Its all about the trendsetter that took the risk and brought it to our attention. When you say American Fashion... It has to exist... because I create it! 


Speaking of the American fashion houses, what is your take on European vs. American fashion?


 Im gonna be real, I only pay attention to my fashion. Being that Im American Im assuming that American Fashion is all I know. If you google European Fashion, its no different form ours. So who influenced who? I don't know.



Okay Becky, many people have seen your apparel on stars throughout the country. How did you get started in the clothing industry?


I have been employed at the YMCA Fun Co. for 10 yrs. Well 5 yrs ago, I decided to organize a fundraiser with my 16 kids. I wrote, produced, directed, and choreographed a play about a girl that wanted to dance. One scene required 12 shirts and hats. I called the local airbrush shop and their prices were way too high- So I bought the equipment myself- and did it on my own. And it just took off from there. I studied the art of airbrushing, but I never intended to be like the average "airburshers" because that look was played out to me, so I kept experimenting with different techniques. It only took one person to walk out in my designs, it blew up from there! 

When did you first take an interest in fashion design?


When I was in the 3rd grade- I would sit in class and design ball gowns, and fairy tale type dresses. Then when I was 11 my mom bought me an airbrush gun and compressor for my birthday, I played around with it- but ended up giving it away because I didnt know what I was doing!

Who were some of the designers that inspired you in the beginning, and now how do you stay on the cutting edge?


I was greatly influenced by a designer named "Phetus" he was the designer for Ludacris and the infamous Black Wallstreet Hoodies seen on The Game. He inspired me to think outside of the box.  He turned out to be a real ass hole- so Im not inspired by his egotistical demeanor. Another designer is my friend Grass from He gave me a shot early on and believed in my craft. He is a BEAST with shoe design. 

Hip-Hop fashion is now blending the lines between Punk, Emo, and Skater fashion. How has this affected your designs recently?


I have many different customers as well as styles. I feel like a "custom" designer should be able to adapt to the customers personality. I have GANGSTA ass customers, as well as Neo Soul customers. So I can't really say the ever-changing trends have affected my designs. When I create a concept for a shirt, I decide which trend would make it POP!  Right now in my personal designs, Im leaning towards bright colors and the whole 80's look. Its HOTT!!

The new trend for people now is this skinny look. What is your take on this as a designer? Is the skinny look able to worn by all people men and women, as well as the slender and the rotund?


Not too sure what the "SKINNY LOOK" is [laughs] but Im assuming you mean people wearing the clothes that actually fits them. I'M ALL FOR IT. There is nothing I hate more than a 2x man ordering a 4x tall T. Or a man wearing 36x32 bringing me a 40x42. THATS NOT HOT! I think its sexy when a man has on appropriatly fitting clothing. With that being said- I'm not sure if the rotund man can pull off the skinny leg jeans like a thinner man can,  but hey- its all about your swag and confidence. If you like it,  I love it!


Couture is popular in mainstream fashion. Are you strictly a Hip-Hop designer or would you branch out to formal, evening, business, or even couture attire?


I dont categorize my style as Hip Hop. Its one word and thats versatile.  I've done a prom dress, I've designed blazers, I've designed childrens clothing, I've design heels for women, and I designed hood stuff too. I am not limited to one style. I am currently working on a line for strickly women that will be HOT stay tuned!

Being from a small city that is not synonymous with fashion, how difficult has it been to get noticed?

Well since its a small city, I'm easily noticed HERE, but when I meet a high end client and say I'm from Nashville, their facial expression is pricelss. But I truely believe that my city has nothing to do with my failures or successes. Its about my product and if I'm not being noticed- I need to go back to the drawing board.


I have heard that as a beginning clothier it is important to get your product to trade shows. How often do you attend trade shows?


I have NEVER been to a trade show. I hope I will be able to attend in the near future. But being a single mother with NO HELP with my clothes or at home. I have to prioritize, and it just hasn't happend for me yet. I would love to attend one, I think it has alot to do with why I'm still working in my kitchen and not a multi millionaire right now [laughs].


Fashion seems to be very oxymoronic, in that it is both progressive and digressive at the same time. What are your thoughts on the current new millennium late 80’s early 90’s trend?


Trends recycle. And when they resurface, they are hotter than they were then! I think if a gangsta ass rapper from New Orleans can bring back skinny red jeans; anything has the potential to make it back around!

I’ve been told that all of your pieces are custom, hand made works of art. Is this true, and how do you handle such a task with the orders you receive?


YES!! I create everything by hand- but the end result looks factory made. I take my time and create each piece. Whether its a $50 shirt or a $150 shirt. They get the same attention. I don't do this for the money, I do it for the love of the craft. And it shows in my product. Honestly when I am overwhelmed with orders, I lose sleep, sometimes forget to eat, and get headaches, but Im a grinder. I dont stop until the job is done and up to my standards.


Have you received any awards for hard work?


I recieved the SEA Clothing Line of the Year for 2008


Who are some of your clients?


 SOME? If I say one I'll have to say them all, so I will just say My top SPENDERS locally and my TOP nationwide.

LOCALLY: All Star, Rip (Cashvilles Ace), Dolewite and Scooby, West (facin 20), and Roc B

NATIONWIDE: Nappy Roots, Anthony Hamilton, Nokio (Dru Hill),


You have some of the hottest designs, like hand placing 2000 Swarvoski crystals onto one fit. How would customers contact you, and what is your pricing structure?

Yeah, that hoodie was CRAZY. I ended up in the emergency room a few days after from serious back pain due to sitting in one place for 7+ hours placing the stones on there very carefully. They can contact me via MYSPACE.COM/FUTUREAIRBRUSH or Prices are based on the desired design, BUT dont expect to pay less than $50 for anything!

Tragedy To Triumph

Gabrielle White is an outgoing and vivacious young woman looking to solidify her spot in the world. However on June 10, 2002, the dream was almost cut short. On this day she was involved in a horrendous automotive accident. She defied the odds and overcame her adversity; from not walking to dancing, from not talking to singing, from wires and tubes to brushes and make-up crews, and tragedy to triumph! After recovering her outlook on life was changed forever. She seized her opportunities and hit the ground running, and she now has the single You'll Single Be One in rotation at a radio station near you. Gabrielle has just wrapped her first mixtape The Gift of Gab, which is available on for free. So take some time to download and vibe to the sensual sounds of Gabrielle White!

Recently, you have released The Gift of Gab mixtape and you are now working on another. What else is happening in the life of Gabrielle White?

The Gift of Gab mixtape was my first project that allowed me to solely focus on me and showcase my talents as a recording artist and songwriter. It opened up many doors for me and I am excited to see my story unfolding. In the works is a movie soundtrack, major collaborations, and some television… definitely stay tuned!!

Your story is inspiring, after a horrific and near fatal automotive accident you recovered to pursue your dreams. How does it feel to have come so close to death, and now start living the life of your dreams? 


I feel more alive now than ever before. My appreciation for life, and my attitude toward man-kind, has changed drastically. I consider myself blessed to be here and I devote a lot of my time to motivating those around me. I pursue music for the chance to inspire others on a larger scale. My attitude now is that you live once, so it’s imperative you make the most of it.   


How have the events of your life inspired you to move forward? 

No matter what, I don’t give up and I don’t believe in set backs. I believe there is no such thing as set backs. Sometimes you must take a step back in order to spring forward. I have experienced things I would never wish on anyone and I don’t take for granted that I am still here. That’s what keeps me going. You should never give up on yourself. 


When did you know that you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Believe it or not, I am actually part of that one percent of singers that didn’t want to be a singer since I was born. (laughs) It was a hobby for me. I always enjoyed singing as part of the church choir, at school plays, and family functions. I decided on pursuing it as a career when I saw how powerful music was and the role it played in helping me overcome a very difficult time in my life.   


You're a talented musician and not only vocally, what sparked your interest in the violin?

The violin was my mom’s idea. I wanted to play the drums and she didn’t want to hear it. Definitely don’t regret it. I love classical music and opera now. Pachebel’s Cannon in D is one of my favorite songs to play.  


The Gift of Gab is a great work of art, with money good selections. With whom are you currently signed? 

Currently I am an unsigned. My team is very supportive in helping me to develop myself as an artist and I am always challenging myself to outdo what I have already done.


As a singer/songwriter you pose a double threat to the industry. How has this helped while in contract negotiations?

It makes it more fun and exciting for everyone involved. The simple thought of my capabilities now, based on my resources, and the potential that is there which has not yet been tapped into… it’s exciting for everyone involved. It’s history in the making. Just be prepared. I can’t let all the secrets out now it ruins the element of surprise… (smiles) 


Being as you are a skilled violinist, whats the chances of seeing you with Miri Ben Ari?

That’d be cool. She is so awesomely talented it’s amazing. I’d love to work with her.  


There are lots of prolific artists, producers, and songwriters. Who in the industry do you look forward to working with? 

I am pretty much open to working with everyone because there is just so much talent out there. I could never list them all. I have so many people I admire and look up too. I will say there is one person that I would absolutely love to get a chance to meet and work with, and that’s Stevie Wonder. What he has done despite all odds is truly amazing and a gift to music.


It seems that you are constantly in the studio recording and working. How often are you actually in studio recording and writing? Also, how many records would you say you have stashed away? 


Writing is something I do all the time. I used to jot ideas down on napkins and gum wrappers if that was the only thing available. Now my BlackBerry allows me to write lyrics, and record voice notes, and email them to myself for safekeeping. I love it!! As far as how many records I have stashed... Let’s just say I want to be the 50 Cent of R&B. I watched an early interview of him and he said Jay [Jay-Z] told him never stop making hits. When everyone else is hooked on that single, keep making records nonstop!! So that’s what I do.


You are taking over the internet, and you interact with those that befriend or follow you. In what ways has the internet helped expand your career and fan base? How important is it as an artist or someone in the public eye to have a presence on the web? 

Well the #1 social media site right now is Twitter. If you’re not on Twitter you need to get on it and follow me ( I love Twitter because it doesn’t have all the spam that Myspace does and it allows me to interact with my fans personally and get to see what’s going on in their lives as well. People have mixed opinions on it. Just imagine Twitter as live conversation on a NYC train. You can hear everything and your average Joe is seated right next too Jane the executive. It’s great. Some people choose to act Hollywood, some people push products…I don’t judge. What’s most important to me is Twitter has given me a chance to become like family with my supporters. They’re no longer followers, or fans, they’re family and they go through almost everything with me and get a chance to feel closer to me as a person as well as an artist.


The internet has changed the way people get access to music. This has helped the indie labels as well as major labels, and perhaps the rewards goes to the fans and artists. What are thoughts on the digital music output options and how they instantly connect the product to the consumer? Also, how does it help gain feedback on new projects? 

The digital market allows you to reach a wide audience faster than you ever could, in more creative ways. It also helps to get feedback on records for when you want to decide on the next single to put out.  


Low records sales and "bootlegging" are plaguing the industry. It is more important to create solid, quality music now more than ever and touring or showmanship has become very important. Sales and revenue are increasing when artist start touring. In what ways has this effected your strategy? 

“Bootlegging” isn’t a new phenomenon though. My friends and I used to record our fave songs off the radio by recording them to cassette. I think going digital just made things easier. I don’t condone it, I’m not entirely mad over it… because on one hand my number one fan might bootleg a song and convert all their friends to my music. Its inspired me to find more creative ways to reach out to my target audience and profit. Being an artist isn’t just about making creative works anymore. You’ve got to be an entrepreneur, and flexible—to work with the times. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.  

Many artists have interests outside of the realm of music. What else do you plan on pursuing or have you started pursuing opportunities in other industries?

When I set out to do something, I pursue it with fierce passion. I put my all into it. I’m looking forward to having my own non-profit organization and being able to give back and inspire others. Television, movies, literature… I look forward to Gabrielle White becoming a household name, and brand you can rely on even in these times of uncertainty.


If you weren't pursuing music, then what would be your occupation? 

It’d most definitely have something to do with public speaking and helping others… more than likely I’d be in the healthcare field. I love working with people and helping kids.


What words of encouragement and wisdom can you impart upon those pursuant of their dreams?

You have to be your #1 investor and your #1 fan. No one will back you if they don’t even see you believing in yourself. Time is money, and if you put the time into yourself people will follow suit and make sacrifices for you as well. Always remember dreaming is the easy part. To wake up and face hard work everyday and actually make your dream a reality is what matters most. I think what makes or breaks us is that one time we don’t give up. Never quit on yourself.