Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Pains

Us talk, why?
Cause these days, I really ain't got too much to say.
My conversation and thoughts are written all over my face.
Ugh, I'm just disgusted by your actions as of late.
Honestly this is BS and you're a disgrace.
Yeah, I know this is family, but you made an outsder out of me, so this is the time and place.
Answer this, what am I to do?
Really I'm asking cause I have no conversation for you.
As a matter of fact this sour feeling of pain and disdain its all for you.
But its my fault I should've read all the clues.
Now I see you for you, and the picture is crystal I see straight through.
You're focused in the lens and the shots been made.
So I'm done now cut, end scene, now everybody exit the stage.
Take a bow the performance was well played.
But we stand with lines drawn and the war's been waged.
Time for your penance and atonement to be paid.
No more talk just bullets, chalk, and coroners with their white sheets out.
All for the games of your mind and words of your mouth.
Now its bone cracking, blood drunken madness, kill em all no whores will be saved.
Just hair standing on end with cold chills followed by the piercing of blades.
While young girls shriek from watching people's life force fade.
Yet and still mothers fall and wail for sons and daughters that have passed away.
And the law can't police us without causing their own blood to stain.
All the while we're the villains and murderers just beyond the darkness and shade.
But memories of this will haunt you forever, remember you brought forth this war and all its pain.
So the blood on your hands can't be washed away by eons of rain.

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